Morning lights // Photoshooting with Mathieu Hemon

Friday, August 5, 2016

A few weeks ago I had the chance to spend some hours with the talented photographer Mathieu Hemon. We met early in the morning, the sun already shining, to take advantage of a softer light and desert spot.

It announced a beautiful summer day and even if the water was still chilly, we didn't mind starting our day off in the ocean, surrounded by the silence of a beautiful coastal environment.

I never really modeled before, so was a little anxious, being someone who's always the one behind the camera :) But Mat professionalism made me feel comfortable and we had such a good time.

The result are these beautiful pictures which I'm so proud of. Of course, the credit goes to the photographer and his talent and patience :)

Hope you like them and don't forget to check Mathieu Hemon's work out on, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

All photos are by Mathieu Hemon

7 comments on "Morning lights // Photoshooting with Mathieu Hemon"
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