Sardinia photo diary // Part 1

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

If you follow Surfragette on Instagram, you may already know that in June Andrea and I took on a Mediterranean trip to Sardinia! It was not supposed to be a surf trip, but a relaxing Italian holiday, meant to enjoy the sea and spend some time with Andrea's family.

It was my first time on the island and I loved it!!! We stayed one week at Villasimius, in the South coast of Sardinia and its dreamy landscapes, crystal-clear water, delicious food and warm people made us think of a possible coming back to Italy!
We missed the ocean too much though, so we were happy to be back in France.

We cherish wonderful memories of this Mediterranean holiday. One week flew by, but hopefully we will be back soon in the future.
I hope you will love this first part of my Sardinia photo diary. And please, don't hesitate to write me to learn more about this stunning place and if you need tips for your next holiday!

Ps: for the ones who don't know that, you can surf in Sardinia too! Waves hit the coast almost all year round ;)

Swimwear: One piece and swim tee Margoulette costumes de bain, Bikinis Adal├╣

4 comments on "Sardinia photo diary // Part 1"
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  2. Oh, so you're having a good time! Sadly, I've done with my good time and now I am really busy with all the everyday stuff.

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