Pink sunset session by Bubblerock

Friday, October 14, 2016
Last August I had the chance to meet two amazing people from New Zealand. Steph and Robin are a beautiful couple of photographers and the proud owners of Bubblerock. Couple in business, couple in life!

I have been lucky enough to spend the whole day with them here in South-West of France. They really are wonderful people and I'm so happy I got to know them! We did two amazing photoshootings together, one during the day with my lovely Filippa Edghill and one during the evening with my beautiful friend Sirikit Harivongs. But I'll show you the pics later on another post ;)

At sunset the light became so magical and we decided to snap a few surf shots. The pink atmosphere all around us created such a soft vibe inside and outside the water. My words can't describe it better than the photos will do.
Sunset is my very favorite moment of the day and that day was definitely one of the best sunset sessions so far.

Enjoy the pictures of the talented Steph and Robin from Bubblerock.

Check Bubblerock website here and Instagram here

All the pictures are by Bubblerock
Swimwear: Adalù
6 comments on "Pink sunset session by Bubblerock"
  1. I love this so much. Loving the soft pink hues and the whole atmosphere. It gives me such an instant summer feeling 💕, Diah


    1. Hi Diah! Yes I had the same feeling... Now that here the cold season is quickly approaching, I miss these sessions and colors so much. Hope to live them again soon! <3
      xx - Marta

  2. ah summer... so glad it's not quite over for us and we are there again for another one in the southern hemisphere. We are waiting for you!

    1. Hopefully I will join you someday to live my "endless summer"! Meanwhile, you left me with such amazing pictures and memories.
      Hope to see you soon again!
      xo - Marta

  3. Simply magical!!!! ����

  4. Woah nice. This pouch is so cute. Where was this tutorial when I took on crocheting? Ugh ox essays. I wanted to make this but couldn’t find anything like this.


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