Sardinia photo diary // Part 2

Thursday, October 6, 2016
With the beginning of October, I'm feeling quite nostalgic already. This summer has been super busy and a lot of fun and I miss the thrill of those bright days under the sun and the endless nights...

A few weeks ago I shared the first part of my travel to Sardinia. As much as I love France and the ocean, the Mediterranean sea with its Italian food, stunning landscapes, rich culture and warm people will always take a huge place in my heart and are with me everyday.
That's why I like to share this part of my life with you whenever I can!

Today I'll show you the second (and last) part of my latest Italian trip. We dove into beautiful crystal-clear water, ate tons of Sardinian pastries, watched the football game in the village main square's bar and even sailed at sunset having Pecorino cheese and wine... Such amazing memories!

I really hope to make you feel the same vibe I've been telling you so many times about :)

Swimwear: Adal├╣
2 comments on "Sardinia photo diary // Part 2"
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