Some things you didn't know about winter surfers

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Yes, when it comes to winter surfing people always look with admiration at those brave men and women who stand up against the cold water and weather temperature to pursue their passion.
They're the winter fighters, willing to face the harshest conditions in order to chase those perfect waves in empty lineups.

These surfers are inspirational indeed, but there are few other things common people don't really realize about these winter waves riders.
As one of the latter (yes, I love freezing my butt in cold water sessions!), I would like to point out some characteristics of winter surfers that somehow not everyone notices :)

They don't mind bad smell
After your (peed) wetsuit spent the whole day inside the trunk of your car and you didn't have the time to take a shower after the morning session, you kind of get used to bad smell.
So, even if any normal person couldn't stand it, the winter surfer doesn't mind his/her stinking car and self anymore. And neither do his/her surf buddies and colleagues. Around him/her gross is just a point of view :)

They love to share
Sharing is caring! And after a cold session, the winter surfer is happy to share the stoke with his/her fellow riders. A cup of hot tea or chocolate with some friends is the best way to remind about the waves they just had. Passing the thermos after the session as if it was a joint is the best feeling of all for the winter surfer.

They don't like rhetorical questions
If you are a winter surfer you know for sure that feeling when someone asks you "Aren't you cold?". Yes ma'am, guess what, I am human and I am freaking cold! So, somehow after a while you started replying with a nod and a smile. Don't mind explaining them anymore, only a winter surfer knows...

They can get intimate in public
Getting intimate, such as peeing close to his/her fellow surfer, is not a problem for the winter rider. See also point 1 and 2 :)
When he/she gets changed under the pouring rain walking on the freezing cold pavement of a parking lot, the last thing he/she cares about is avoiding their most private parts to get exposed (which won't be much sexy btw!). So yes, prudery is not something winter surfers are known for. Remember that next time you feel too cold to go surfing ;)

They like to be social
When a winter surfer finds himself/herself in the middle of the ocean alone with just a couple of seagulls, he/she won't mind some good company and chat about the waves. When summer surfers are fighting for their spot in the lineup and would kill to get the best wave of the day, winter surfers enjoy each other's company and don't need to argue to get good rides.

So, next time you feel too lazy and cold to surf in winter, remember that this could be the chance to know more about this very special and friendly type of surfer.
Why not start or take part to your local community of winter surfers?
Do you know any other peculiar feature to add to this list?


3 comments on "Some things you didn't know about winter surfers"
  1. Unfortunately, there is no surfing in my country during the winter season because all the seas are covered with thick layer of snow.

  2. I like those photographs you've shared here. It was an interesting material and I do like those articles you've added here.

  3. Super amazed by the courage of those who are ready to conquer cold waves in winter! These guys deserve a decent Rushmyessay review, so that people would know about the greatest things of surfing culture.


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