A few things you didn't know about surfer girls and a note to my fellow mermaids

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Some time ago I was reflecting about stereotypes, especially in surfing, and how they affect people's perception and behavior.

Surfer girls are described by media, ads, social networks and magazines as magic creatures. Exotic mermaids with toned bodies who walk down the beaches around the world spreading their aura of perfection, conscious they are not within everyone's reach. In addition to that, they are good, extremely good at riding waves, taming the big giants with undiscussed grace.

So, here comes the pressure every time summer approaches. We go to gym, get hair highlights and do a tanning session before hitting the beach. All this just to fit in that perfect image of the surfer girl we have.

Well, I'm not here to rain on your parade, but maybe there are a few things you didn't know about surfer girls yet.

Bikini surf? No, thanks
I know, you can see adds of beautiful surfer girls, riding waves wearing tiny fashionable bikinis everywhere. I tried to surf in a bikini too, when the water and the weather allowed me to, but I failed miserably when I understood it wasn't comfortable at all!
Who wants to end up naked in front of the whole lineup of surfers, after a huge wipeout? Also, every time I surf in a bikini I come home with rashes and scratches all over my body because of the contact with wax. And what about the awkward feeling of your bikini bottom being stuck where the sun doesn't shine?
Luckily many swimwear brands are creating more and more surfer-friendly bikinis that don't move when you surf.
Still, I prefer to wear a wetsuit or a one-piece swimsuit even in summer. I know many fellow surfer girls would agree.

Toned bottom (if I had less pasta for lunch)
Yes, guys. Because surfing is an amazing exercise for shoulders and back, but not so much for lower body. So, not all surfer girls have a sculpted bottom like you see in surf mags! Many of them, though, go to the gym and workout regularly, so that they will perform better in the water. That would help their whole body to stay fit too.
But surfing alone won't give you the top-model body you dream of (unfortunately). So, stop telling me "Oh come on, you're a surfer, you can have dessert for lunch!" (I can't, but I would have it anyway!).

Mermaid hair? Someday maybe
Every time I look at pictures of Alana Blanchard and her amazing long mermaid hair I just go crazy (mind you, I'm just jealous)! Why doesn't my hair look like hers every time I come out of the water? I have long blonde hair too, but mine looks more like I just saw the Loch Ness Monster in the face or I've been stricken by a sudden lightning bolt. Seaweed and sand don't help and can be a nerve wracking challenge under the shower after the session.
The ugly truth is that mermaid hair doesn't exist for normal surfer girls who don't have a hairstylists squad following them around.

Wipeout with grace
I've never seen surfer girls in adds or videos embarrassingly wipeout from a wave. They mostly fall down the surfboard with grace and almost without splashing.
My reality (and the reality of the other surfer girls I see in the lineup) is a bit different. I happen to be taken aback and fall landing on my tummy or with my legs in weird positions, trying to dive headfirst and failing dreadfully. Sometimes I even let out a cry!
Yes, a cry.

Not-so-sexy tan lines
Do you remember point number 1? Wearing a wetsuit most of the time, most surfer girls don't have that very envied endless-summer bikini tan. Our tan lines involve mostly a line under the neck and on wrists and ankles. So, we basically have tanned face, hands and feet! During the warm season a boy short tan line appears and, if we are lucky enough to surf in a swimsuit, maybe a criss-cross tan line on our back too.
Sexy, uhm?

I hope this list brought you back down to earth and made you smile a little bit :) 
Surfer girls, we don't need to take ourselves too seriously and act like models every time we reach the shore. We are there to have fun and enjoy our time in the water, despite how medias portray us.
All their stereotypes are fake!

And even if we enjoy feeling great in our new surf outfit, we must be a little more indulgent with ourselves and just feel good with our imperfections. Because REAL surfer girls are the ones ripping in the lineup, not on the cover of a bikini magazine ;)
9 comments on "A few things you didn't know about surfer girls and a note to my fellow mermaids"
  1. love this one marta!! / Filippa <3

  2. Really nice article, finally the truth about surf girls :p haha

  3. I'm almost 40 years old, learnt to surf 10 years ago ... never matched the female surfer stereotype, never surfed in bikini... Happy to know that I'm not the only one ;)

  4. Hi Marta, the g-bomb-springsuit looks great and fits you very well. Very nice surf-outfit :-) More surfers should wear these kind of wetsuits, LG Andreas

  5. Being a surfer is my utmost dream. I am always discouraged by people around me but this post gave me so many reasons to become a surfer. Definitely making my parents read this and i hope to convince them.

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