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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hello there!
Recently the weather and the waves have been so good here in South-Western France - a little European corner of paradise for the surfing addicted like me :)

A few weeks ago I had the chance to model for a photoshoot with the beautiful Cece from Zephyr Image, a two photographers' company based in Hawaii. They are a couple in business and couple in life!
It was super fun and interesting to spend the morning with Cece and chat about life in Hawaii and future goals and plans.

I wanted to know more about this couple who travels the world and turned their passion into their full-time job. This is another example of self-made entrepreneurs who rock it!

Have a read at their interview and at (some of) the pictures of the photoshoot in Biarritz.

1. Where do you draw inspiration from when it comes to your work and photography style?

Our combined passion for art, culture, travel, along with the slow paced and down to earth lifestyle of the Hawaiian islands inspire us. They inspire us to create simple and timeless images that unravel the global trends with intent and meaning. As an artist, I’d say your work changes depending on what is influencing you to create whether it be an emotion or something happening in life. 

Because we create more of a versatile range of media we try to use life as our biggest inspiration. When it comes to travel, lifestyle, and love photography, we gain inspiration from the people we photograph with the intent of telling their story.

When it comes to editorial we are constantly trying to create with simplicity, and focus on our subject to create meaning. We also gain inspiration from so many other talented artists out there.

Good Reads that inspire us : Kinfolk. Cereal. Herewith. 
Other Talented Artists : Woody Gooch @woodygphoto | Beth Kirby @local_milk | Amber Mozo @ambermozo | Samantha Feyen @samanthaeeyo | Ming Nomchong @ming_nomchong_photo | Mason Rose @masonrosephoto | Kal Reston @kal_reston | and more <3

2. What is it like to be partners in work and partners in life?

Simply put, we love it. We come across this question all of the time and it really stumps some people that we eat, breathe, sleep, edit, shoot, surf, and live next to each other ALL of the time haha. It’s definitely not easy, just like I wouldn’t necessarily say marriage is easy. You’re taking two individuals with two different upbringings, personality types, and communication styles and combining it into one life. But like anything it takes effort, patience, humility, respect, and all of the qualities included in being a teammate. But with all of that said, we absolutely love it. We’re best friends and we’ve been inseparable since we were 14 years old. 

We haven’t always worked together so we definitely know what each side of the scope is like. Our biggest appreciation for having the opportunity to do what we love together is the fact that we experience almost everything involved in our life together.

Things we’ve learned :

- Find a hobby or activity to do together outside of work. This brings more casual care-free connection into the marriage with out everything feeling so “serious”.
- As important as it is to find a hobby together, find one individually as well. We all need our individual outlets that reset us, refresh us, and tap into that creativity. We encourage personal projects and hobbies.
- Retire to bed and wake up together.
- Put the gadgets down. Slow down. And try to develop the mindset of “slowly working” verses adopting the typical “fast paced” work environment. This allows us to collaborate and stay inspired. When you reach a burn out you can become stressed, take it out on the other partner, and end up wasting more time then accomplishing work. 
- When you need to discuss important subjects, make sure you are both well fed and well rested.
- Choose your battles.
- Say I love you often
- Never stop dating. Go on dates weekly.
- Find ways to spend “quality” time together amongst daily activities. For example, prepare and eat meals together with no electronic interruptions. Run errands together and use that opportunity to “catch up” and talk whenever possible.

3. What is the best part of your job?

Outside of working together, it feels good to be able to do our passion for work. We have so many beautiful relationships and connections that have come into light as well. Meeting other artists, entrepreneurs, couples, and connecting with them is simply amazing. The flexibility of running our business from anywhere is amazing. And also all of the travel opportunities it sets out for us is more than what we could ask for. 

4. A word of advice to all of the aspiring photographers out there?

Do you. Create the content that makes you happy. Always remember why you fell in love with photography in the first place. And choose to learn from and grow from other photographers verses competing. Community over competition as they say. Realize that we are all in it together and theres room for everyone up at the top. Having something so huge in common, a common passion should unite you. Never stop learning. And if you are doing a specific type of photography that is starting to feel like “work”, its starting to steal the joy from your passion then switch it up. Get rid of it. Always, always remain inspired and do what you love. It will shine through in your work.

Images courtesy of Zephyr Image. Find their work here and on Intagram

What I'm wearing: one piece black Rip Curl Europe, tropical and tie-dye bikini Holdensmaa, white dress and tropical kimono XIX Palms, jewels Mint Jewelry Co, t-shirts Aloha and Tropical Vibes SAVAGE, retro bikini bottom MYMARINI

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