Why you should choose an organic sunscreen for your summer (and all-year-long)

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Years back I talked to you about the risks of sun exposure (here - please don't judge my pictures eheh) and the damage UVA and UVB rays can have on our skin.

As surfers, we spend a lot of time under the sun. Its reflection on water and sand accentuates the danger of sun rays, which are responsible for the majority of sunburn and premature aging of the skin (wrinkles aaah!!!!), as well as of the big ugly C.

Luckily most of us use sunscreens regularly and protecting ourselves from all this has become a good daily habit. Also, with the green trend, many of us are opting for natural and organic options.

But what are the real reasons why we should prefer organic sunscreens?

Our skin absorbs everything we put on it

So I questioned myself on how to stay protected without risking to be affected by all the chemicals we can find in most cosmetics nowadays. Ingredients of petrochemical origin, such as mineral oils, parabens and silicones, can be really toxic for our health.
The first option was to fabricate my own sunscreen with natural ingredients, but I heard controversial opinions on the fact that still you're not 100% sure to be well protected from sun rays with DIY recipes.

The best answer was to use organic sunscreens you can find in grocery and natural shops and pharmacies. Luckily there are more and more brands who chose to follow the natural and organic path nowadays. You can even buy them in surf shops!

Organic sunscreens are more controlled

The ingredients, even if they are of natural origin, are subjected to very demanding tests, sometimes even more than traditional cosmetics.
In organic, this results in controls at the level of the farmer, at the level of the raw material supplier (who must issue a data sheet), and then very detailed tests on the finished product.

In other words, we know when the sunscreen's ingredients come from and how they have been produced and transformed into what we put on our skin.

They won't harm the ocean

The ocean is our playground and as surfers we must protect the marine environment and the lives that populates it.
Whenever we jump in the ocean, we must keep in mind that we are guests there. We can enjoy it and have the time of our life, but still respecting it and trying not to leave any trace of our passage behind.

That's why choosing an organic sunscreen means that we won't leave any chemical substances that could potentially harm the underwater world that welcomes us.

They aren't necessarily more expensive

It's true that natural cosmetics are often more expensive than grocery stores' ones. Luckily many brands are producing natural and organic sunscreens that come in an average price and can compete with traditional ones.

Then a normal sunscreen's tube will last all summer more or less. So, even if you spend 25€ in it, at the end of the season it will be costed around 0,27€ or less per day for an organic high quality sun protection. Worth the price, right?

They will make you feel good

When you're using an organic sunscreen, you're not only protecting your skin from sun rays' damages, but you're also treating yourself with something good form your health and the environment surrounding you.

Also, organic sunscreen are made of natural ingredient, like essential oils, that smell amazing!

All this will fill you up with good vibes and will make you feel good all day long :)

My choices

I always love to try out new products and brands and right now I'm really focused on organic cosmetics and sunscreens. Here my favorites.

Laboratoires de Biarritz: It's an ocean-inspired French brand from, guess where... Biarritz! I love it.They are very innovative in research and they use the properties of seaweeds to produce their cosmetics.
I am totally in love with their after-sun balm, their monoï oil and their tinted SPF30 sunscreen. The last one I use it everyday instead of my BB cream :)

Eq Love: It's a suncare brand respectful to marine life. Their sunscreens are certified as non-toxic to coral reefs and the marine environment.
I use everyday my golden SPF50+ sun stick for surfing and I feel like a mermaid.

Z&MA: It's the first organic cosmetics brand dedicated to the young generation. The idea behind the brand is to say stop to toxic ingredients that are the cause to allergies, skin rashes and hormonal disorders.
They recently launched their SPF30 sunscreen, filled with Karité butter and love.
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  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips related to summers and the beach stuff. It is important too to keep your skin hydrated and smooth when in summers too.

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