Surfragette is always looking for stories, experiences and new topics to share with its readers!
So, don't be shy!

If you're a traveler, a writer, a chronic smiler, a sea lover, or nothing of it all and you want to share your surfing experience contact Surfragette at

I can't wait to read all of your stories! And I'm sure other people around the world too!


Surfragette is always trying to improve and expand its community of surf lovers more and more everyday.
I, Marta, am so excited about what we are creating together and keep on doing it by the love of it.

As a community, we need to support each other in order to grow stronger and share this amazing journey together. That's why Surfragette is happy to collaborate with you in order to promote your blog, brand, eshop, etc through advertising programs customized to answer your personal needs. Not only will sponsorship benefit you and yours, but it will benefit this growing blog too.

Surfragette cares about its readers and will be careful to collaborate only with businesses with shared values and that are a good match for the Surfragette lifestyle and vibe.

If you'd like to support Surfragette, working and growing with me and my blog, please contact me at and together we will find the best way to promote your space.

That's what sponsors are saying:

“It is a real pleasure to work with Marta, a fantastic communicator and always incredibly prompt at replying to emails. A great writer and photographer, her blog is a full of the most beautiful posts.” Holly BlakeAccount Manager at CUBO Communications Group Plc, London - UK

"Marta Tomasini worked with COSTA bikinis as ambassador of the brand promoting a community for active girls in the water. 
She represented the blogger entrepeuner who fights to get over stereotypes of the surfer girls.
While we were working together she always had new ideas for the brand and loved to participe in every project that the company wanted from her. 
She is a creative mind, hard worker, perfectionist and team player. I, as owner of the brand, enjoyed every moment working with her. 
Even after the agreement ended, she still is always happy to help us and to collaborate. I found in her a complete person with positive vibes. Thank you Marta!!!" Patricia Fuentes, CEO and designer at Costa Bikinis

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