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Hi, my name is Marta and this is Surfragette!
I'm Italian and when I was I child my parents passed me on their love for the mountains. Since then I started sliding on the snow with my snowboard. Growing up as a snow bunny, I was quite surprised when I discovered the magic of the surf and the sea, during a travel to Morocco.

Facing my fears and struggles, I fell in love with the waves more and more. It was not that easy though - believe me if I say I've never actually been a mermaid!
Instead, it's me - a girl trying to find her own self in the stream of water. And this is my journey!

A year ago my dream to be closer to the ocean came true. I packed my stuff (way too much stuff!) and with my boyfriend Andrea moved to Biarritz, France, more than 1000 km far from home.

In this blog you can find my surf adventures (and fails!), travels, experiences and other inspirational stories from the people I met all over the world and who share the same passion as me.


Surfragette was born just like that. At the beginning it was an empty playground where I was publishing all those surf related news, videos, photos that inspired me. In Italy there weren't a lot of girls surfing on a longboard and I needed a place where I could share my passion with other girls and feel, let's say, less lonely.

Then there was the time of choosing a name for this blog: Surfragette. Why?! It's not easy to spell, nether it is to remember. But I felt it was the right one.
Surfragette is the combination of SURF + SUFFRAGETTE, the female movement for the equal rights in genders.
When I started surfing and was the only chick competing with male guys for a few waves, I realized most of them underestimated me, talked to me like I was just another kook or, even worse, were condescending and let me catch all the waves (not the best ones though) because I was "just a girl".
I started thinking I had to prove that girls can rip it too.

So, Surfragette was born. And little by little over the time, the blog kept changing with the changes in my life.
That's why now we can say that Surfragette is a lot of things - a personal journal, a community, a place where you get to know other people's lives, a path to walk slowly and enjoy...

I hope you all can find a place in here where you can be yourself, share your passion and stories and be inspired.


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  1. Hi Martha! Aside from surfing, do you also do other water sports? SUP Red Deer


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